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Research and Practice

Global Mental Health

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health boasts cutting edge innovation in the field of global mental health. Our global mental health program, housed within the department of Mental Health, takes a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to create actionable solutions to the promotion of mental health, and the prevention  and treatment of mental health and psychosocial problems in low-resource contexts around the world. 

Our faculty, staff and students have been at the forefront of developing, improving, and disseminating mental health and psychosocial support services in low-resource settings. Our global projects, based in more than 20 countries across five continents, focus on field-based methods to assess and then meet the mental health needs of distressed communities with few or no professional mental health resources.


Our Work in Action

In developing countries, three-quarters of people with mental disorders receive no treatment. How do you deliver inexpensive, effective, science-based care to them? A team of mental health researchers has a few ideas.

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