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Associate Scientist
Masoumeh Amin-Esmaeili

Departmental Affiliations


Contact Info

624 N. Broadway Room 763, Baltimore, MD, , USA

Research Interests

Psychiatric epidemiology; Substance use disorder; Drug overdose; Data harmonization; Secondary data analysis; Systematic review; Integrative individual-level meta-analysis
Experiences & Accomplishments
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Masoumeh Amin-Esmaeili is a psychiatric epidemiologist with extensive experience in clinical practice as a psychiatrist. Her research has focused on three related areas: 1) systematic review of evidence regarding psychiatric disorders, substance use and its harms including blood-borne infection; 2) conducting primary research studies in the mental health and substance abuse epidemiology; and 3) initiatives aimed at implementing findings from behavioral health research in health services.
Honors & Awards
Pilot project research training awards, The New Johns Hopkins POE Total Worker Health Center in Mental Health, USA (2022-2023)

Samuel Gershon award and GSK travel fellowship award for junior researchers, the third biennial conference on Bipolar Disorders, India (2008)
Select Publications
The most recent publications:
  • Amin-Esmaeili, M., Alinsky, R., Johnson, R. M., Gribble, A., Oyedele, N., Parnham, T., . . . Susukida, R. (2023). Impact of unsolicited reporting notifications on providers' prescribing behavior: An experimental study on Maryland PDMP data. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 248, 109896. doi:10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2023.109896
  • Mojtabai, R., & Amin-Esmaeili, M. (2022). Validity of self-reports of medication treatment of depression in general population surveys. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 31(4), 461-466. doi:
  • Mojtabai, R., Amin-Esmaeili, M., Spivak, S., & Olfson, M. (2023). Use of Non-Psychiatric Medications With Potential Depressive Symptom Side Effects and Level of Depressive Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 84(4), 47188.
  • Amin-Esmaeili, M., Gribble, A., Johnson, R. M., Alinsky, R. H., Oyedele, N., Parnham, T., . . . Susukida, R. (2022). Unsolicited reporting notifications (URNs) through Maryland's prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP): Characteristics of providers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports, 5, 100111. doi:
  • Gholami, J., Baheshmat, S., Rostam-Abadi, Y., Hamzehzadeh, M., Mojtabai, R., Rahimi-Movaghar, A., & Amin-Esmaeili, M. (2022). Mortality and negative outcomes of opioid use and opioid use disorder: a 6-year follow-up study. Addiction, 117(7), 2059-2066. doi:10.1111/add.15805