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Mental Health Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Department of Mental Health has formed a mental health diversity, equity, and inclusion committee (DEI), led by Dr. Renee Johnson. The committee is a standing group charged with putting into practice the DEI goals established by the University, the School, and the Department. 

We are working to build a Department in which faculty, staff, students, and post-doctoral fellows work collaboratively to: [1] advance scholarship and training on how racism and structural disadvantage shapes risk for mental and behavioral health; [2] conduct research to uncover innovative and effective strategies to enhance equity and justice in health-relevant programs, policies, and structural interventions; and [3] foster a climate that values diversity in its many forms. Our objectives are to: 

  • Support URM faculty, staff, students, and post-doctoral trainees;
  • Ensure inclusive recruitment and review of faculty, staff, students, and post-doctoral trainees;
  • Ensure the MH curriculum is representative and inclusive of diverse populations, and provides opportunities to advance scholarship in how racism and structural disadvantage impact health and well-being;
  • Foster a rich pipeline of mental health scholars from a variety of backgrounds;
  • Support Departmental activities that demonstrate our commitment to Baltimore; and
  • Serve as bridge to DEI resources and unit at the School, Dept, Univ levels and beyond.

The Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Civility & IDARE

As Vice Chair for DEI, Renee M. Johnson sits on the Schoolwide Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Civility (CEDC). CEDC is composed of students, faculty, and staff representing all units at Bloomberg, and works with the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity (IDARE) to support efforts to dismantle structural oppression and racist policies and practices within the Bloomberg School, our community, and public health. The CEDC acts as an advising body to IDARE for diversity and equity-related initiatives at the Bloomberg School.

Diversity Advocate Network (DAN)

A member of the DEI Committee sits on the School’s Diversity Advocate Network, which includes faculty members from all Bloomberg’s departments. The representative serves as liaison between the Dean’s office, departments, and search committees with the goal of ensuring implementation of the School’s Faculty Diversity & Inclusion plan, see:. Members of the (DAN) work with faculty search committees to ensure inclusive search processes. This group also advises the Dean’s office on relevant issues and continues to refine the School’s strategy on faculty diversity and inclusion. 

MH Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism in Science (MH IDEAS)

MH IDEAS is a committee of students, staff, and faculty members in the Department of Mental Health. We are committed to advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism in the Department and School and in our relationships with Baltimore community members and organizations. We coordinate with the MH DEI Committee, but are a distinct “grassroots” group that initiates separate ideas and projects.

We are a horizontal group, wherein there is no leader but rather a collective of passionate, committed people all working toward a set of common goals. In MH IDEAS, we give a platform to all voices. We listen to each other without defensiveness, we critique each other without judgment, and we hold each other accountable to acting on our plans for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion rather than simply talking about them. We are eager to welcome you to the group!