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Our Work in Action

  • Netting prevention intervention butterfly effects: An integrative data analysis investigating the long-term and cross-over effects of randomized, school-based prevention programs on adult mental health (Rashelle Musci, Holly Wilcox, Ryoko Susukida, Masi Aminesmaeili, Nicholas Ialongo)
  • This project involves data harmonization and integrative data analyses of six prevention trials targeting aggressive, disruptive behaviors to study crossover effects on suicide, suicide attempts, depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. For more information, visit
  • Sociodemographic Factors, Clinical Profiles and Social Determinants of Suicides Involving Opioids (Ryoko Susukida, Hadi Kharrazi, Paul Nestadt, Holly Wilcox)
    The goal of the proposed study is to examine the patterns of sociodemographic attributes, clinical encounters, and social and geographical factors that characterize suicides involving opioids as well as polysubstance opioid suicides in order to enhance targeted efforts for suicide prevention.
  • Distinguishing and Characterizing Suicides Among Opioid-Related Deaths Using Psychological Autopsy (Paul Nestadt, Holly Wilcox)
    This study will determine differences in characteristics of suicide decedents versus accidents or deaths of undetermined intentionality among Maryland’s opioid-related deaths, identify subgroups of opioid related decedents using latent class modeling, and perform psychological autopsy (PA) interviews to test the predictive validity of the empirically-derived latent classes. For more information
  • Comprehensive Community-Based Suicide Prevention in Dakota County, Minnesota (Lanny Berman, Holly Wilcox)
    This study will test a multicomponent suicide prevention project in a rural county in Minnesota as compared to another rural county.
  • Advancing Maryland's Statewide Suicide Data Warehouse to Improve Individual and Population-level Mortality Prediction and Prevention (Hadi Kharrazi, Paul Nestadt, Holly Wilcox)
    In this study, we will conduct data linkage and informatics approaches to utilize existing resources to improve suicide risk identification and prevention. For more information, visit
  • Understanding and Addressing COVID’s Impact on Housing among Black IPV Survivors: Implications for Regional-Specific, Culturally-Sensitive Solutions
    Informed by Intersectionality, this project aims to understand the processes by which Black IPV survivors’ access, obtain and maintain affordable, safe and stable housing in the context of violence, COVID-19 pandemic and structural racism. Tiara C. Willie, PhD, MA is the Principal Investigator.
  • Optimizing PrEP’s Potential in Non-Clinical Settings: Development and Evaluation of a PrEP Decision Aid for Women Seeking Domestic Violence Services
    This Type II hybrid effectiveness-implementation study seeks to design, implement and evaluate a PrEP decision aid for women seeking domestic violence services. Tiara C. Willie, PhD, MA and Jaimie P. Meyer (Yale SOM) are the Principal Investigators. For more information, visit
  • Using Implementation Science to Increase PrEP Uptake among African American Women in the South
    This study aims to develop, test and evaluate of a trauma-informed, PrEP Implementation Toolkit in community healthcare clinics in the South in order to increase PrEP uptake among African American women, in particular women who experience intimate partner violence. Tiara C. Willie, PhD, MA is the Principal Investigator. For more information, visit