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Assistant Scientist

Luciana C. Assini-Meytin, PhD, MS, researches strategies to advance the science of child sexual abuse prevention.

Contact Info

415 N. Washington Street, Room 527

Research Interests

childhood trauma; child sexual abuse prevention; adolescent health; life course research; health disparities; teenage parenting;
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Maryland School of Public Health
Federal University of Santa Catarina
Federal University of Santa Catarina
My research is primarily focused on the development and evaluation of strategies to prevent children from being sexually abused. I also utilize longitudinal cohorts to examine the long-term consequences of child sexual abuse and other types of traumatic events experienced in childhood, for both men and women. My training is in Psychology and Public Health, with a focus on behavioral analysis and life-course research.
Honors & Awards
Society for Prevention Research’s Early Career Prevention Scientist Training Program Fellowship. 2020-2022.

Glover Dissertation Award. School of Public Health Honors Convocation, University of Maryland. College Park, MD. 2016

Honorable Mention. Society for Prevention Research/Early Career Preventionists Network Student Poster Contest. Washington, DC. 2015
Select Publications
Selected Papers:
  • Assini-Meytin, L.C., Thorne, E.J., Green, K., Sanikommu, M., & Letourneau, E.J. (2022). Impact of child sexual abuse on socioeconomic attainment in adulthood. Journal of Adolescent Health.
  • Assini-Meytin, L.C., Nair, R., McGinty, E.B., Stuart, E.A., & Letourneau, E.J. (2022). Is the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion associated with reported incidents of child sexual abuse? Child Maltreatment.
  • Assini-Meytin, L.C., Fix, R.L., Green, K.M., Nair, R. & Letourneau, E.J. (2021). Adverse childhood experiences, mental health, and risk behaviors in adulthood: Exploring sex, racial, and ethnic group differences in a nationally representative sample. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma. 10.1007/s40653-021-00424-3
  • Ruzicka, A., Assini-Meytin, L.C., Schaeffer, C., Bradshaw, C. & Letourneau, E.J. (2021). Responsible behavior with younger children: Examining the feasibility of a classroom-based program to prevent child sexual abuse perpetration by adolescents. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Assini-Meytin, L.C., Fix, R.L., & Letourneau, E.J. (2020). Child sexual abuse: The need for a perpetration prevention focus. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 29(1), pp. 22-40. DOI: