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Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology

Curriculum and Faculty

The overall objective of the Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology track is to train epidemiologists with sufficient rigor and multidisciplinary orientation to carry out high quality research in chronic disease issues, especially cardiovascular disease.

The track aims to develop creative and independent investigators who will be able to collaborate effectively with bench and applied scientists to improve disease prevention and treatment at both the clinical and population levels. The track includes two groups of students – those with a focus on cardiovascular disease epidemiology and those with a focus on clinical epidemiology. Requirements differ slightly by focus within the track.

The Curriculum Includes:

  • Didactic course work in epidemiology, including specific course work in cardiovascular disease and clinical epidemiology.
  • Participation in cardiovascular and clinical epidemiology journal clubs, seminar series, and research in progress meetings.

Students are required to complete the Epidemiology Department’s basic core curriculum in addition to the required coursework for their track. There are course requirements for each track as well as course requirements for each degree program. Each track curriculum is detailed in the Department’s academic guide. Click here to view the course requirements for the Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology track.


Primary Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology Faculty

Affiliated Epidemiology Faculty

Joint Faculty

Adjunct Affiliated Faculty