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Postdoctoral Fellows

The Department welcomes individuals who have completed doctoral degrees to one- or two-year affiliations. Postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) identify a mentor or study population (or bring access to an outside study with them) and enjoy a mentoring relationship with faculty and use of the School’s facilities. PDFs are considered non-degree seeking students at the School and must submit an application for the position, as well as maintain registration each term of 16 credits of 340.830 Postdoctoral Research Epidemiology.

Postdoctoral fellows cannot register, cannot be paid, and cannot buy health insurance until verification of their official receipt of the doctoral degree is filed and their application is formally approved. Fellows may choose one- or two-year periods of study as arranged with their mentor. PDFs are evaluated annually and must maintain an appropriate level of professionalism and scientific research for the duration of their program. PDFs must adhere to the student code of conduct for all students of the Johns Hopkins University. Fellows wishing to extend their position will need to include a letter of request, a report of accomplishments or work completed over the past year, and an endorsement of the request from the adviser or preceptor.

Tuition for PDFs is set at $200 per term by the School and a postdoctoral scholarship covering tuition is generally granted. PDFs do not normally take academic classes unless directed to do so by their research mentor (adviser). Credits are accumulated at ¼ the level of degree candidates and may not be transferred into a degree program at a later date. Please visit the School's PDF website and PDF guidebook for additional critical information.

Internal doctoral degree candidates (PhD, ScD, and DrPH) or master's students who hold a doctoral degree and who will be completing their dissertations or theses may choose to "stay on and finish" their work with their adviser. The proper mechanism for doing so is the postdoctoral fellows program. Students who wish to continue their collaborations or research or submit their manuscripts for publication should submit a formal application to the School through the Admissions Office, submit a letter of support from their mentor, and a brief statement of their intended research.

After being admitted to the Program, each fellow should design, in collaboration with their mentor, an Individualized Development Plan for their research time with the Department. Additionally, PDFs are required to complete specific training and coursework.

Upon completion of their program, PDFs are issued a certificate of completion. PDFs must complete a request form and provide an updated curriculum vitae, a forwarding address, and the start and end dates approved by their mentor to the Academic Support Core. Further questions may be directed to the Academic Coordinator at

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