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Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis

Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis (CTES) is a methodologically-oriented track housed in the Department of Epidemiology.

CTES is devoted to the promotion of clinical trials and epidemiological methods to synthesize evidence to evaluate preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic health interventions. The track's mission is to guide and inspire research, scholarship and intellectual engagement, in the Johns Hopkins community and globally.

The Track's Goals

  • Provide local, national and global leadership in clinical trials
  • Provide an internationally recognized academic curriculum related to clinical trials and evidence-based health care, and the synthesis of evidence using epidemiological tools like systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and network meta-analysis
  • Contribute to evidence-based healthcare and promote the use of evidence in healthcare policy and practice
  • Provide leadership in promoting consumer involvement in health research
  • Promote track faculty development
  • Provide a supportive and positive work environment

The track includes offers pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training within the Department of Epidemiology. Students participate in coursework and activities offered by the track including journal clubs and research-in-progress meetings, as well as a monthly seminar series offered through the Center for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis.