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Animal Visitation Chlorhexidine Trial

For Parents/Guardians

Study Procedure Overview for Parents/Guardians

  • Parents and children who are planning to participate in a dog therapy session will be asked to join the study. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE STUDY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DOG THERAPY SESSION.
  • Children will be asked to complete a quick survey about how they feel towards the Dog Therapy session before and after the session.
  • Researchers and nurses will use a Q-tip or sponge-like products to swab children’s skin, nose and mouth (or collect spit) before and after the Dog Therapy Session.
  • Researchers will wipe the back of the dog with a chlorhexidine disinfectant wipe, either once or multiple times, during the therapy session.
  • Researchers and nurses will evaluate the child’s blood pressure and heart rate after the Dog Therapy session.
  • Parents will be asked to complete a simple survey regarding their child’s medical history, home environment and contact with animals/pets.

Are Chlorhexidine shampoos and wipes safe for children?

Yes, chlorhexidine products, like Hibiclens, are safe for children. Chlorhexidine products are commonly used on humans with very few known side effects. The chlorhexidine wipes and shampoos will be directly applied to the dogs only.

Children may come in contact with these products indirectly through petting the dog. The chlorhexidine product used is FDA approved for external use on dogs and are safe for children.

CAUTION: Children with known allergies or reactions to chlorhexidine products will not be included in this study. If your child reacts to chlorhexidine products, please let us know.


If you'd like to enroll or have questions, please email us at: