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Jensen Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Jensen Fellowship is essentially a “full ride” for engineers and scientists seeking to earn a master's degree (MSE, MS, MA) in Geography and Environmental Engineering) from EHE. The fellowship covers tuition and fees over two academic semesters and during a six-month internship, and a $6,000 take-home stipend. The program comprises normal EHE coursework in a fall and subsequent spring semester, followed by a six-month internship at EA. The internship portion is credit-bearing and is required for graduation. The internship is tailored to the student’s interests and provides hands-on experience on a variety of EA environmental projects at its Baltimore operations. Several Fellows have also worked on projects at other EA locations, including Dallas, Syracuse, Lincoln, and Honolulu. Other than fulfilling the full six-month internship, there is no requirement for employment with EA beyond the internship, although several fellows have elected to join EA after graduating.

How To Apply

You must first apply to and be accepted by the department to the Master of Science in Geography and Environmental Engineering (MS) program, the Master of Science in Engineering in Geography and Environmental Engineering Program (MSE), or the Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Engineering (MA). If, during the application process, you gain an interest in the Jensen Fellowship, please communicate that interest as you apply. Once acceptance decisions are made, EHE identifies prospective Jensen Fellows, discusses potential interests with prospective candidates, and shares candidate information with EA. EA then interviews Fellowship candidates and selects one to three candidates to offer the Fellowship. EA seeks candidates who have a desire to eventually join the professional, practicing community. Those offered the Jensen Fellowship have until the normal April deadline to decide on their enrollment offer as a Jensen Fellow.


EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC (EA), and the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (DoGEE) of the Johns Hopkins University established a Fellowship in 2005 to honor EA’s founder, Loren Jensen. The Fellowship funds professionally oriented master’s students. Dr. Jensen, a limnologist, had dual appointments in DoGEE and JHU’s School of Public Health until he founded EA in 1973. EA and EHE now continue a long historical connection, from collaborating on projects and research to the hiring of numerous EHE graduates at EA. The Jensen Fellowship builds on that history of positive interaction. This program has been a tremendous success for the Fellows, for EA, and for EHE.