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Community Outreach and Engagement

Our Commitment to the City of Baltimore

Map of Baltimore City

The Department of Environmental Health and Engineering (EHE) is committed to promoting public health and a healthy environment in Baltimore. To this end, EHE is engaged in numerous activities, including health promotion and screening programs, educational activities, and direct environmental health research in Baltimore communities. EHE centers, faculty, staff and students partner with a variety of community-based organizations, and local and state government agencies in Baltimore to improve the local environment and the health of the city residents. EHE provides educational opportunities and materials on a variety of topics, such as asthma prevention strategies, promotion of healthy homes, promotion of access to and consumption of healthy foods, and promotion of the health of our local waterways. Building trusting relationships and fostering bi-directional communications among local residents, community leaders and EHE staff is paramount to creating a healthy and just environment in Baltimore.

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