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Department of Environmental Health and Engineering

Quotes from our EHE Alumni

The Department of Environmental Health and Engineering offers an extensive selection of academic programs that prepares our students to address emerging environmental issues at the intersection of public health and engineering. Our graduates are prepared for careers in academia, government, national laboratories, and the private sector, both nationally and internationally.

"Baltimore City offers an enriching experience for environmental health students. The ability to serve the Baltimore community by employing skills gained from EHE coursework was phenomenal." 

Yinka Bode-George, MHS '17 
Focus Area: Population Environmental Health

Program Manager, Maryland Environmental Health Network

"The opportunities and wealth of new “tools” that EHE provided have allowed me to confront scientific issues the lab, clinic, field, and within communities while remaining focused on my academic interests both locally and around the globe."

Jonathan Josephs-Spaulding, MHS '17 
Focus Area: Human Toxicology and Pathophysiology

Doctoral student, Medical Systems Biology in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

"The faculty was both knowledgeable and inspiring, always encouraging us to think outside the box and to pursue different paths...I especially appreciated having classes with service components that allowed us to work on real issues...and learn and interact with people outside of Hopkins."

Mona Dai, MHS '17
Focus Area: Food Systems, Water, and Environmental Sustainability
Certificate: Food Systems, the Environment and Public Health
Doctoral student, Harvard University