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A cross-divisional department spanning

Focused on work-related mental health issues and solutions

The Johns Hopkins POE Total Worker Health® Center (POE Center)

JHU POE Ttal Worker Health Center in Mental Health

The Johns Hopkins POE Total Worker Health® Center in Mental Health 

The Johns Hopkins P.O.E. Total Worker Health® Center (POE Center) was established to focus on work-related mental health issues and solutions. The POE Center is dedicated to improving the mental health of the nation’s workforce through research, education, outreach, and evaluation activities that integrate Psychosocial factors, Organizational conditions, and Environmental exposures as key domains of worker health. 

The POE Center focuses on mental health and substance use prevention and treatment among workers in several broad cohorts including health care workers and veterinarians, frontline and essential workers, and workers spanning the food system.

About Us

The POE Center was established in 2021 with the goal to identify, test, and refine interventions that will keep workers mentally and physically well. Our work particularly focuses on workplace function and worker health during and after a crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Our activities are oriented around holistic approaches to integrate Psychosocial factors, Organizational conditions and Environmental exposures to improve worker and enterprise outcomes. The POE Center is part of the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program and is a Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health®.

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