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Briha Ansari Research Associate
Mary Argo Research Associate

Mary Joy Argo ensures the high quality of Biostatistics graduate programs and the quality of the student experience.

Karen Bandeen-Roche Professor

Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD, MS, creates statistical reasoning needed to learn how we can lengthen healthy life and increase independence for older adults.

Joshua Betz Assistant Scientist

Josh Betz, MS, brings rigorous and reproducible quantitative methods to complex data sources, allowing researchers to address research challenges in public health,

Brian Caffo Professor

Brian Caffo, PhD, MS, is a biostatistician who studies big, complex data in the neurosciences.

Nilanjan Chatterjee Professor

Nilanjan Chatterjee, PhD, MS, models disease risk associated with genetic, lifestyle, biomarkers. and other factors, with the goal of improving disease prevention.

Gwendolyn Clemens Senior Research Associate

Gwendolyn Clemens, MS ‘03, uses data management skills to ensure integrity of data in studies, spanning planning, implementation, data collection, and preparation of datasets.

Elizabeth Colantuoni Senior Scientist

Elizabeth Colantuoni, PhD '07, ScM, works to improve the design and analysis of research studies conducted among neonates, children and adults with critical illness.

Ciprian Crainiceanu Professor

Ciprian Crainiceanu, PhD, MS, is a biostatistician who works on complex, high dimensional data obtained from wearable and implantable computing and neuroimaging studies.

Abhirup Datta Associate Professor
Marie Diener-West Professor

Marie Diener-West, PhD ’84, Chair of MPH Program and Professor of Biostatistics, teaches and collaborates in the design, conduct, and analysis of multicenter clinical trials.

Constantine Frangakis Professor
Adrian Gherman Senior Research Associate
Andre Hackman Assistant Scientist
Kasper Hansen Associate Professor
Stephanie Hicks Associate Professor

Stephanie Hicks, PhD, MA, in an applied statistician who develops methods, tools and open source software for the analysis of genomics data.

Hongkai Ji Professor

Hongkai Ji, PhD, MA, ME, develops data science and statistical methods for analyzing high-throughput and single cell genomic data in order to study gene regulation.

Jeffrey Leek Professor

Jeff Leek, PhD, MS, is focused on making public health data easier for everyone to use, through training, technology development, and statistical research. 

Ximin Li Senior Research Associate
Martin Lindquist Professor

Martin Lindquist, MSc, PhD, works on mathematical and statistical problems relating to neuroimaging with a particular focus on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data.