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Featured Alumni

Alumni Spotlight

Gertrude Huster

Gertrude Huster, MHS '84, a trailblazing woman in STEM, endowed a scholarship in the Department of Biostatistics shortly before her passing in 2023. This act of generosity reflects Huster's commitment to fostering opportunities for future generations.

Huster, deep in her biostatistics studies, earned her master's in health sciences at the Bloomberg School.

A dedicated biostatistics student, Huster also worked as a department teaching assistant, circa 1984.

Where Are They Now?

Dorry Segev

Dorry Segev, MHS, '09

Dorry Segev, MHS, '09, is currently the Marjory K. and Thomas Pozefsky Professor of Surgery and Epidemiology, and Associate Vice Chair in the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University.

Taki Shinohara

Russell (Taki) Shinohara, PhD '12

Russell (Taki) Shinohara, PhD '12, currently serves as principal investigator of three methodological research grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Xianghua Luo

Xianghua Luo, PhD '06

Xianghua Luo, PhD '06, works as a statistical consultant for cancer-related projects and collaborate with researchers at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center. 

Amanda Mejia

Featured Alumni

Amanda Mejia, PhD '16, discusses being an assistant professor in a department of statistics and bringing a valuable perspective to scientists working in neuroimaging.

Featured Alumni

Alyssa Frazee, PhD '15, shares her experience as a PhD student and her career working as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Alyssa Frazee

Meet More Alumni

Simina Boca PhD 2011
Assistant Professor
Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics
Georgetown University Medical Center

Sandrah Eckel PhD 2010
Assistant Professor
Division of Biostatistics
Department of Preventive Medicine
University of Southern California

Brian Egleston PhD 2006
Associate Research Professor
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Haley Hedlin PhD 2011
Senior Biostatistician
Quantitative Sciences Unit
Department of Medicine
Stanford University

Nathan James ScM 2011
Biostatistician at The Emmes Corporation

Fan Li PhD 2006
Associate Professor
Department of Statistical Science
Duke University

Matt McCall PhD 2010
Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology and
Department of Biomedical Genetics
University of Rochester Medical Center
Affiliated Faculty, Institute for Data Science, University of Rochester

Mark Schactman MHS 2000
Statistical Scientist at Statistics Collaborative

Bruce Swihart PhD 2012
Biostatistics Research Branch

Ming-Wen An Wissmann PhD 2008
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Vassar College

Kathryn Ziegler-Graham PhD 2007
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
St. Olaf College