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Department of Biostatistics

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Your gift will facilitate the Department of Biostatistics in

  • developing, applying and translating statistical reasoning and methods to advance knowledge in public health and biomedicine
  • collaborating with health science colleagues to make high-impact discoveries in their fields
  • providing outstanding training in the interpretation, use, expert application, and specialty development of biostatistical science at Johns Hopkins and beyond
  • advancing public health

For nearly a century, our department has been leading scholarship at the interface of statistical science and health-oriented scientific domain fields.

To support our departmental mission, please visit our secure Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Make a Gift Website. With the online donation form, you can indicate that you want your contribution to go toward the support of the Department of Biostatistics (in the field labeled "Please designate my gift to support").

Your gift will:

  • sponsor student scholarships and internships to attract and train the most talented future leaders and practitioners in the field
  • endow chairs by which we can attract the brightest emerging faculty and retain them through the heights of their careers
  • support faculty research to improve how we learn from health data; create a means to discover and influence genetic and molecular bases for health and disease; develop expertise crucial to achieve the promise of “big data” for improved population assessment, monitoring and health promotion; and develop methods and models to better characterize disease, discover its etiology, and describe its impacts
  • create innovative avenues for disseminating our knowledge, discoveries and tools to the widest possible audiences and for the greatest impact

Help the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Department of Biostatistics "Rise to the Challenge"! Take a look at how you can make a difference (PDF).

Make a Gift