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Info for Current Students

Feedback and Student Support Faculty

We hope that students will feel welcome to reach out to their advisors, the Graduate Program Director, or the Department Chair to offer feedback or seek help. We recognize, however, that it may be difficult to reach out to such individuals with certain concerns. Therefore, there are two other avenues by which to reach out.

Anonymous Feedback

Students can provide anonymous feedback and comments about any aspect of the Department of Biostatistics, including the graduate program.

Student Support Faculty

John McGready serves as the department’s student support faculty. Please reach out to him as a resource who can pass on concerns while maintaining student anonymity, provide help in finding information and support resources, assist in navigating difficult communications, or serve as a sounding board. He is empowered to maintain confidentiality subject to specific restrictions under Title IX regulations , i.e., he does have a requirement to report certain events related to sexual misconduct, for example.