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Past Seminars

2019-2020 Seminar Series

2019-2020 Seminar Series




09/09/2019 Biostatistics Grand Rounds Elizabeth Colantuoni, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dept. of Biostatistics
09/16/2019 Developing Technologies for Mental Health Assessment and Intervention Arno Klein, Child Mind Institute
09/30/2019 Permutation Weighting: A Classification-based Approach to Balancing Weights Drew Dimmery, Facebook
10/07/2019 On Methods for Normalizing Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Rhonda Bacher, University of Florida
10/09/2019 Biostatistics Seminar Susan Murphy, Harvard University
10/14/2019 Iterative Random Forests to Discover Predictive and Stable High-order Interactions Sumanta Basu, Cornell University
10/21/2019 Causal Inference When Counterfactuals Depend on the Proportion of All Subjects Exposed Caleb Miles, Columbia
10/28/2019 Statistical Challenges in Casualty Estimation Kristian Lum, Human Rights Data Analysis (HRDAG)
11/04/2019 Toward Automated Efficient Estimation in Semiparametric Models Marco Carone, University of Washington
11/11/2019 Uncertainty and Beauty in the Brain Sciences, Illustrated by Torus Graphs Robert Kass, Carnegie-Mellon
11/18/2019 Measurement Challenges in Built Environment Health Effects Studies Brisa Sanchez, Drexel
12/09/2019 The Conundrum of Dependent Truncation Rebecca Betensky, NYU
01/06/2020 Risk Models with Polygenic Risk Scores Alison Meisner, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dept. of Biostatistics
01/09/2020 Estimation and Inference for Changepoint Models Sean Jewell, University of Washington
01/13/2020 Data Science Methods to Improve Healthcare and Reduce Inequality Emma Pierson, Stanford University
01/16/2020 Modeling and Testing in High-throughput Cancer Drug Screenings Wesley Tansey, Columbia University
01/22/2020 Data-driven Approaches to Antibiotic Resistance Policy Scott Olesen, OpenBiome
01/27/2020 EHR + X: Expanding the Reach of EHR Data Through Data Integration Rui Duan, University of Pennsylvania
01/30/2020 Instrumental Variable Methods Using Dynamic Interventions  Jacqueline Mauro, University of California at Berkeley University
02/03/2020 Methods for Population Health with Limited Data Zehang (Richard) Li, Yale University
02/05/2020 Bayesian Sparse Regression for Large-Scale Observational Healthcare Analytics Akihiko Nishimura, UCLA
03/02/2020 Mediation Analysis When Outcome and Mediator are Semi-Competing Events with Application in Health Disparities Research Linda Valeri, Columbia University
03/09/2020 Nonparametric Identifiable Methods to Handle Nonignorable Missing Data Mauricio Sadinle, University of Washington
03/16/2020 A Unified Framework for Random Forest Prediction Error Estimation Jo Hardin, Pomona College
03/30/2020 Digital psychiatry from the trenches: Opportunities and challenges in assessing the realworld lived experience of mental health disorders Abhishek Pratap, Sage Bionetworks

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