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Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center (JHBC)

Learn about the people and work of the Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center and services available to researchers, students, and institutions of all kinds.

Expert Biostatistics and Data Management Services

The Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center offers comprehensive data management and biostatistical services, consulting for Bloomberg School students, and consulting for researchers inside and outside the Johns Hopkins community.  Our biostatisticians and data team provide expertise for any stage of a research project, from grant preparation to study design, data capture, and publication. We’re problem-solvers, and we’re here to help!

Full Project Lifecycle Support

Services for JHU-Affiliated Researchers

Get free, on-demand, or long-term help with your research project 

Services for Bloomberg School Students

Attend a free Friday clinic for help with theses, dissertations, and more

Services for Non-JHU Institutions

Tap into the expertise of our globally respected biostatisticians and data scientists


Hone your skills at our free webinars for members of the Johns Hopkins community 


Biostatistics and Much More 

Our Center comprises two teams of experts who work seamlessly together to support the full research lifecycle.  

Our biostatisticians help researchers review the design and implementation to ensure that the research questions can be answered as intended, understand limitations, and study constraints, and better stand up to critical review.  

Our data informatics team provides data capture and management expertise that facilitates better organization and use of data capture tools, better accuracy of data capture with defined coding of variables, and a better interface to analysis requirements.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer seamless full-lifecycle research support in biostatistics and data management. Examples include: 

Biostatistics Services 

Study design, protocol review and development 

  • Sample size justification 

  • IRB submission assistance 

  • Randomization (from simple to block to complex minimization/covariate-adaptive randomization algorithms) 

  • Sampling (e.g., nested, case-cohort, matched case-control studies) 

  • Review of data collection instruments 

  • General statistical consulting 

  • Statistical methods selection and implementation 

  • Statistical analysis and interpretation 

  • Independent statistical reviews for manuscripts 

  • Professional and scientific writing (manuscripts, abstracts, presentations) 

  • Independent DSMB report preparation 

  • Grant proposal development 

  • Study Design and Protocol Development 

  • Clinical trials (Phase II, II/III, and III) 

  • Basic science experiments 

  • Observational studies (cohort and case-based designs) 

  • Program evaluation projects 

Data Informatics Services  

REDCap support for database design, setup and modification of the database, user support and custom programming for project requirements as needed.

Writing programs to perform data management tasks in major statistical packages, such as: 

  • Conversion of data structures 

  • Data cleaning and preparation for analysis 

  • Maintaining data’s quality assurance over the life of the project 

  • Protection of PHI fields, as required 

  • Creation of additional fields (summaries, new fields based on combinations of other fields) 

  • Review of database design and data capture instruments

NOTE: Data entry and data monitoring services are not provided. 

What are the Benefits of Working With Us? 

Quality: Our commitment to best practices and problem-solving helps ensure our collaborators’ work is consistently published in leading journals, garners awards for excellence, and is cited with confidence 

Expertise: Our methodological expertise spans both traditional and cutting-edge models in data science and biostatistics, and our teams have years of experience across research disciplines 

One-stop services:  We offer full-lifecycle services from data capture or conversion and study design to reporting and understanding review responses 

People: Our biostatisticians and data scientists are committed to your success, approachable, and recognized for both outstanding knowledge and service