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Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology


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Name Title Overview
Peter Agre Professor
Rosanna Baker Research Associate
Nicole Baumgarth Professor
Christopher Book Research Associate
Gundula Bosch Senior Scientist

Gundula Bosch, PhD, MEd' 16, is a scientist and educator who works toward global graduate education reform by teaching students to be broad, critical thinkers.

Jay Bream Professor
Emma Camacho Research Associate

Emma Camacho, PhD, explores strategies to modify melanin production in organisms that may pose a threat to human health.

Arturo Casadevall Professor

Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD, focuses on host defense mechanisms, how fungi cause disease, and in the development of antibody-based therapies for infectious diseases.

Sung-Jae Cha Research Associate

Sung-Jae Cha, PhD, investigates malaria parasite and host cell interaction using phage display technique, focusing on identifying parasite ligands and host cell receptors.

Isabelle Coppens Professor

Isabelle Coppens, PhD, MSc, studies how intracellular apicomplexan parasites exploit the resources of their host cells, to expose the parasite’s vulnerabilities.

Radamés Cordero Associate Scientist

Radamés J.B. Cordero, PhD, MS, studies how melanin protects against hazardous radiation and thermal stress.

Kimberly Davis Assistant Professor

Kimberly Davis, PhD, MSc, studies how members of a bacterial population change during infection, to identify strategies to more effectively combat infections.

Kari Debbink Associate Scientist
Santosh Dhakal Research Associate
George Dimopoulos Professor

George Dimopoulos, PhD, MBA, studies vector-borne diseases and how mosquitoes can be rendered incapable of transmitting human pathogens.

Hua Ding Research Associate
Shengzhang Dong Senior Research Associate
Yuemei Dong Senior Research Associate
Yevel Flores-Garcia Senior Research Associate
James Gordy Research Associate