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Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Student Funding Opportunities

Financial support for predoctoral students is derived from an NIH training grant and from the W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) scholarship and endowment funds. Under this system, major consideration is given to the support of continuing students. The funds available for the support of new students is governed by the needs of the continuing student population. The limited amount of funds available and the guidelines for the distribution of support funds dictate that U.S. citizens be given highest priority in the allocation of support.

First-Year Students

The Department will normally provide tuition support and a stipend for each predoctoral student admitted. For students entering the Department with support from private, corporate, or government agencies, or Johns Hopkins funding outside MMI that is less than the minimum stipend and/or tuition levels, an attempt will be made to supplement the outside funds to the same level.

Continuing Students

Continuing doctoral students will receive tuition support and a stipend. When a student becomes committed to a particular faculty member's laboratory at the end of the first year in a doctoral degree program, that faculty member will be expected to provide the stipend of the student. The Department will provide the funds to cover the necessary tuition. Restrictions on the distribution of funding require that U.S. citizens be given highest priority for tuition and stipend support.

Faculty and/or MMI support will not be provided to students who have gained outside support that is equal to or above the current effective tuition and stipend levels.

In the case of the relatively small merit/need scholarships (such as the ARCS and other scholarships), it is expected that the Department will administer the scholarship funds. The funds will be distributed so that a portion of the funds goes directly to the student as an increase in the level of stipend support. The remaining funds will be used to reduce the funding burden carried by the faculty advisor and the Department.

It is anticipated that doctoral students will complete all of their degree requirements in five years. For those individuals taking longer than five years to complete their degree requirements, a petition for continued support will be submitted for consideration by the Graduate Program Committee. If the student's progress is deemed satisfactory, a recommendation will be made by the committee to extend the period of support.

Students in the Master of Science Program

A second-year tuition fellowship (75%) is awarded to ScM students who have successfully completed their first-year requirements.

Students Working in Laboratories Outside MMI

Students working with faculty members who have a full-time, primary appointment in MMI will receive priority for support from the Department. Students working in laboratories outside the Department are expected to obtain funding covering tuition and stipend from that laboratory or through another funding agency.

Teaching Assistantships

Several Department courses require teaching assistance. Students selected as assistants gain experience in teaching and receive a modest remuneration for their efforts. Interested students should contact the primary instructors of departmental courses at the beginning of the term before a course is offered.

Students from abroad should possess a valid visa and passport, and U.S. students should show evidence of U.S. citizenship.

Information concerning federal and state tax liabilities can be obtained from the tax manager's office at the Homewood Campus (phone 410-516-8442). The MMI office staff is not qualified to answer questions on this complex subject. A student tax seminar offered by the Homewood Accounting Office is sponsored at the School each year between mid-February and mid-March.