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Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

A Letter from W. Harry Feinstone

April, 1999

Dear Faculty and Staff and Students,

"My cup runneth over."

There is no way that I can express adequately the cornucopia of pleasurable feelings that so many of you joined in serving up to me this last weekend. Certainly, I could not find a hundred different ways to say, "Thank You," in at least a hundred separate letters that I want to write. I am exquisitely aware of the friendliness with which each of you so graciously and generously embraced me, which is sincerely reciprocated.

And so, I use this means of "publishing" my heartfelt appreciation, and beg that a magic wand be waved to give you each this message.

As I stated on Saturday last [April 10, 1999], I believe that with my small gift to the School I got the biggest bargain since the Louisiana Purchase.

If this bit of support from me provides for even one useful observation to be made that otherwise might not have been observed, it could be the link in a chain of scientific endeavor that leads to untold benefits to the health and lives of peoples everywhere.

And for all of you at this institution, each with your special intellectual resources and passion for your science, successful developments are sure to follow. This thought gives me great comfort: that I shall always have a part in your achievements and thus, thanks to you, my life is immeasurably enriched.

W. Harry Feinstone