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Tanita Adu Research Associate Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Rexford Ahima Professor
Jim Aizire Associate Research Professor Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Caleb Alexander Professor General Epidemiology and Methodology

G. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS, is a practicing internist and epidemiologist focused on maximizing the use, safety, and effectiveness of prescription medicines.

Keri Althoff Professor General Epidemiology and Methodology

Keri N Althoff, PhD '08, MPH '05, uses large-scale longitudinal data to answer otherwise unanswerable questions and improve health, particularly for populations underrepresented in research.

Sonia Angell Distinguished Professor of the Practice

Sonia Angell, MD, MPH, works on research, policies, and programs at the intersection of population health and care delivery systems, environmental and planetary health, and health equity.

Haroutune Armenian Professor - Emeritus
Andrew Azman Associate Scientist
Sheriza Baksh Assistant Research Professor
Stefan Baral Professor Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Terri Beaty Professor - Emeritus Genetic Epidemiology
Sophie Berube Research Associate
Chris Beyrer Professor - Adjunct Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Taylor Binnix Baylus Instructor
Otis Brawley Professor Cancer Epidemiology
Carlos Castillo-Salgado Professor General Epidemiology and Methodology
David Celentano Professor Infectious Disease Epidemiology

David Celentano, ScD '77, MHS '75, is an infectious disease epidemiologist who researches behavioral risk factors for HIV/AIDS, STIs, and other infections.

Javier Cepeda Assistant Professor Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Javier Cepeda, PhD, MPH, researches the intersecting epidemics of substance use, infectious disease, and justice involvement, as well as interventions needed to reduce these harms on public health.

Aruna Chandran Research Professor

Aruna Chandran, MD, MPH ’04, studies how household and neighborhood factors affect health outcomes, and how resiliency factors can be leveraged to improve well-being.

Jeanne Charleston Senior Research Associate