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Even Exceptions To Abortion Bans Pit A Mother’s Life Against Doctors’ Fears

With the end of Roe v. Wade’s abortion protections, there are now millions of Americans who won’t be able to get an abortion if they want one. Although for some who are seeking abortion because of the way a pregnancy is affecting their health, it shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to exceptions for the life of the mother that are common, even in the strictest abortion bans. But the medical professionals, legal experts and researchers say those exceptions are usually vague, creating an environment where patients have to meet some unspoken and arbitrary criteria to get treatment.

The Guardian

US bans Juul but young vapers are already switching to newer products

The US effectively banned Juul after the FDA ordered the e-cigarette maker to remove its popular products from the marketplace. Experts have hailed the move as significant. But they are also concerned that such efforts are failing to keep up with a fast-moving vaping industry – one where young people leap quickly from one product to another.

Associated Press

American Medical Association weighs in

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun in order to get a license to carry one in public has no immediate impact on other laws, including rules on background checks and age requirements for gun purchases.


Should Your Kids Get Moderna or Pfizer?

As with their adult counterparts, the kids’ editions of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not identical. Here, we break down everything we know about the options, including some pros and cons you might want to consider if you have a choice of which kind of vaccine appointment to book.

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Leslie Adams
Assistant Professor
Mental Health

Leslie Adams, PhD, MPH, researches the intersection of gender, race, and mental health to examine socially-determined mental health disparities in Black communities.

Smisha Agarwal
Assistant Professor
International Health

Smisha Agarwal, PhD, MPH '09, MBA, studies how to improve maternal and newborn health in low-income settings by strengthening health systems and using technological solutions.

Peter Agre
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Saifuddin Ahmed
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Saifuddin Ahmed, MBBS, PhD ‘96, his research includes reproductive epidemiology, particularly maternal mortality estimation; program evaluation for family planning and MCH care.