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Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity (IDARE)

Committee on Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity

The Committee on Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity (formerly the Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Civility) acts as an advising body for inclusion, diversity, anti-racism, and equity-related initiatives at the Bloomberg School and in the Baltimore community. In cooperation with the IDARE Office, the Committee is made up of students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to developing and recommending actions to foster an environment of belonging at the School.

The Committee organizes IDARE events, meets with local community organizations, and engages the school's leadership to recommend policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion at the School.

The Committee is also responsible for monitoring compliance with policies related to recruitment, promotion, tenure, salary equity, termination, and equal program accessibility and opportunity for faculty, staff, and students.

The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Recommending and promoting policies and programs that will attract and retain a diverse mix of faculty, staff and students
  • Examining formal and informal structures and processes to identify and address impediments to inclusion
  • Identifying constraints and barriers to affirmative action and equal opportunity and assure that the Bloomberg School’s affirmative action and equal opportunity policies and procedures are being used appropriately and judiciously
  • Benchmarking diversity and inclusion at the school via periodic reporting
  • Promoting and supporting diversity awareness School-wide
  • Forming subcommittees to address specific short- or long-term issues identified as relevant to the charge of the Committee

Committee Membership

Members of the Committee are appointed by the dean of the Bloomberg School and meet at least nine times each year.

At least six of these individuals are faculty members of various academic ranks. The remainder of the Committee members includes at least two students, at least two staff members to be selected by the Staff Assembly, a representative of the dean’s office, and the Assistant Dean for Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity.

The latter two members serve in an ex officio capacity.



  • Susan Williams
    Office of the Dean
  • Lisa A. Lassiter
    Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism and Equity (IDARE)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Joel I. Bolling, MA
    Assistant Dean for Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Equity (IDARE)
  • Mahnoor K. Ahmed, MS
    Director for Student Recruitment and Engagement for Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Equity (IDARE)


  • Noor Alesawy
    Student Assembly Representative
  • Otis W. Brawley, MD
    Professor, Epidemiology
  • Wendy Jay
    Staff Assembly Representative
  • Renee Johnson
    Associate Professor, Mental Health
  • Paul Locke, JD, DrPH
    Associate Professor, Environmental Health and Engineering
  •  Debra Mathews, PhD, MA
    Associate Professor, Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • Kanagavalli Mathivathanan
    Student Assembly Representative
  • Rosemary Morgan, PhD
    Assistant Scientist, International health
  • Terri Powell, PhD
    Associate Professor, Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
  • Michael Rosenblum, PhD
    Professor, Biostatistics
  • Michelle Spencer, MS
    Associate Director, Bloomberg American Health Initiative; Associate Scientist, Health Policy and Management
  • Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD
    Professor, Health, Behavior and Society
  • Lisa Walborn, MBA
    Administrator, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
  • Sylvia Washington
    Staff Assembly Representative