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Human Subjects Research Ethics Field Training Guide

This guide is intended to be used as a tool for training individuals who will be “engaged” in some aspect of a human subject research interaction or intervention.

It is directed, in particular, to principal investigators who are responsible for training of study team members who will (1) obtain informed consent from research participants, or (2) collect data from human subjects through individual or focus group interviews, testing, physical measurements, or other procedures involving direct contact, hereafter called a "data collector."  The contact and language level of the guide is specifically worded to help the investigator convey basic research principles and behavior that accords with those principles to data collectors.  We encourage users who translate the document into local languages to submit those translations (with certifications of the translator's qualifications) to our office ( so we can make them available to other investigators.  

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HSR Ethics Training Certification Form 

Field Training Guide, Arabic translation - Courtesy of H.E Dr Abdullah AlKhayat (Chairman of REC), Dr Suad Hannawi (Deputy Chairman of REC) , Mrs. Yusra Swaidat (REC Coordinator), Dr Haifa Hannawi (REC member), Mrs. Fauzia Bahajjaj (REC coordinator and REC member) –  Ministry of Health and Prevention, United Arab Emirates.

Field Training Guide, Bangla translation - Courtesy of Abdullah Baqui and Abdullah Mahmud

Field Training Guide, Chinese translation - Courtesy of Youfa Wang

Field Training Guide, Dari translation - Courtesy of Linda Bartlett and the staff of the RAMOS II project in the JHSPH Kabul office

Field Training Guide, French translation - Courtesy of the Center for Communications Programs (CCP), translated by Lionbridge Translations

Field Training Guide, Khmer (Cambodian) translation - Courtesy of  Megan Clavier with the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit #2 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Field Training Guide, Nepali translation - Courtesy of Joanne Katz and Sudeep Shrestha

Field Training Guide, Spanish translation - Courtesy of Robert Gilman

Field Training Guide, Swahili translation - Courtesy of Alison Norris, translated by Shemsa Mohammed and Amani Kitali

Field Training Guide, Thai translation - Courtesy of David Celentano and Louise Walshe