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Policies and Guidance

Collaborations and Reciprocities

JHSPH and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have in place a reciprocity agreement to eliminate redundant reviews when JHSPH and JHSOM faculty collaborate. The PI of such projects should submit the research application to the IRB associated with his/her primary appointment.

JHSPH and the Baltimore City Health Department have in place an agreement which permits the JHSPH to serve as the IRB of record for JHSPH/BCHD collaborative studies taking place in BCHD sites. Once the JHSPH IRB approves the study, the BCHD official responsible for research must review the study before it may proceed.

Reliance Agreements, through which the JHSPH IRB may defer its IRB review responsibilities to the IRB of a collaborating institution, or vice versa, may be appropriate in certain circumstances. Direct all inquiries about such arrangements to the IRB Director.