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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Board Members



The IRB operates under two Boards, IRB X and IRB FC. The members of each Board are listed below.

Smith, Katherine, Ph.D. HBS Behavior, and Society Qualitative methods; Sociologist with research interests around the social determinants of health behavior

Babalola, Stella O, Ph.D.


HBS Strategic Communication, gender issues, adolescent reproductive health, and qualitative audience studies
Caulfield, Laura, Ph.D. H Maternal and child health, nutrition, nutrition and child health surveillance information systems
Davis, Dr. Precious T. U Community Member
Ehrhardt, Stephan, M.D. IH Clinical Trials, prevention and treatment of infectious disease
Robinson, Courtland Ph.D. IH Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters, Hidden/Marginalized populations, human rights, demographic estimation
Skinner, Ann MSW HPM Survey Research Methods, Patient reported Outcomes, Mental Health Services Research, Health Services Research, Mentally Ill, Elderly

IRB - FC Primary Members

Name Dept. Reviewer Expertise

Katz, Joanne, SC.D.


International Health

epidemiology, ophthalmology, biostatistics, community trials, blindness, visual impairment, glaucoma, cataract, trachoma, refractive error, ocular trauma, , micronutrients, , reproductive health

Adeyemi, Sherry, B.S. Unaffiliated  BCHD Contract Service Specialist - (Operations Officer)

Dept. of Corrections and Reentry

Ali, Joseph, JD BA IH (Primary Division is Health Systems) Bioethics; Research Ethics; Digital Health; Capacity Strengthening Consent; Health Policy and Systems Research; Disease Surveillance
Decker, Michele SC.D. PFRH

Social Epidemiology

gender-based violence (e.g., sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sex trafficking), its prevention, and its implications for sexual and reproductive health (e.g., STI/HIV, unintended pregnancy), using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Durbin, Anna, MD


International Health

Clinical trials, vaccine trials, Phase 1 and 2 trials, flaviviruses, malaria, infectious diseases

Gallo, Joe, MD


Mental Health

Depression in older adults; medical comorbidity; mixed methods in health services research.


Himelfarb, Margaret, MPH


N/A Scientific

Owczarzak, Jill, Ph.D


Qualitative Research Methods medical anthropologist with expertise in exploring the influence of cultural, social, and political forces on health disparities


Rexroad, Vivian, Pharm.D.

drugs, herbal, biological, vitamins, medications


Roundtree, Tiffany


Unaffiliated  Non Scientific

Ruff, Andrea, MD


International Health

HIV, Pediatrics, TB