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The Washington Post

After Gridiron Dinner, a covid outbreak among Washington A-list guests

More than a dozen guests who attended Saturday night’s Gridiron Club dinner — including two Cabinet members, two members of Congress and a top aide to Vice President Harris — have since tested positive for coronavirus, sending ripples of anxiety through a city on the cusp of restarting its traditional social whirl after a two-year pause.


Finding the next pandemic virus before it finds us

A pandemic like COVID-19 isn’t just a force of nature, nor is it a random event; human activity is increasing the chances of new diseases emerging. That fact presents a route toward countering a new outbreak before it begins, but it requires ramping up a two-pronged approach.

Verywell Health

How Do You Know if You Have Long COVID?

Anyone who becomes infected with COVID-19 can experience a wide range of post-COVID conditions, including symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, or even changes in menstrual cycles.1 However, the health problems that sometimes appear after infection can manifest in many different ways and levels of severity, which makes long COVID difficult to define.
Bryan Lau and Priya Duggal are quoted.