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Huffington Post

Worried About Polio? Here's What Experts Want You To Know.

Does it feel like we can’t catch a break? With rising COVID-19 cases, increasing cases of monkeypox and now the first case of vaccine-derived polio in the United States in nearly a decade, it feels like the hits just keep coming.

Voice of America

Why Aren’t More Americans Getting COVID-19 Booster Shots?

The CDC is recommending that immunized adults and children 5 years and older follow up with a vaccination booster in five months, and those 50 and older get a second booster shot for renewed protection. But so far, the CDC reports that only about half of adults have gotten a booster and just 28% of those age 50 and older have received a second dose, which provides even further protection from the illness.

Verywell Health

You And Your Friends Have COVID-19. Can You Hang Out?

Experts say that interacting with other infected people will unlikely make your COVID-19 infection longer or worse. But this doesn’t mean that you should fill up your social calendar while you’re trying to recover from the virus.


Why It's So Hard to Get a Monkeypox Vaccine Right Now

Vaccine supply is limited, distribution has run into roadblocks, and it has proven difficult to prioritize the highest-risk individuals for shots. The result is that, at least in certain areas, demand is overwhelming available supply.

The New York Times

Bat Virus Studies Raise Questions About Laboratory Tinkering

Proponents argue that this kind of data is crucial for understanding — and preventing — pandemics. But critics say that scientists should not run experiments that might make viruses better able to spread among people, given the small but real chance that these altered pathogens might infect lab workers and escape into the outside world.