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The New York Times

Another Covid Surge May Be Coming. Are We Ready for It?

Scarcely two months after the Omicron variant drove coronavirus case numbers to frightening heights in the United States, scientists and health officials are bracing for another swell in the pandemic and, with it, the first major test of the country’s strategy of living with the virus while limiting its impact.
Jennifer Nuzzo and David Dowdy are quoted. 

The Atlantic

Another COVID Wave Is Looming

Differences between the U.S. and European nations in variant levels, previous infections, and pandemic policy could keep our case rates on a different track.


Should I Be Worried About Covid — Again?

Covid cases are dropping in the U.S. and mask mandates are being repealed all over. Yet over a third of the wastewater sample sites across the U.S. showed rising Covid-19 levels in the first 10 days of March. So is Covid going away or not?

The Hill

Why public trust counts in a pandemic — until it doesn't

As a medical anthropologist working in health security for decades, I can tell you it has a name, “panic and neglect.” Decision-makers wake up during a catastrophic outbreak to the value of a strong public health sector only to return to slumber after the crisis, until another epidemic startles them anew.
Monica Schoch-Spana wrote the piece. [Opinion]