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The Atlantic

The Pandemic After the Pandemic

Long COVID isn’t going away, and we still do not have a way to fully prevent it, cure it, or really to
quantify it.
Shruti MehtaBryan Lau, and Priya Duggal are quoted.

ABC News

Two years into pandemic, Americans still feeling deadly impact of COVID-19

Although studies now demonstrate that the virus had already commenced its rapid spread across the country in late 2019, many Americans were still completely unaware of what the "novel coronavirus" was, and of the looming health crisis -- one that would underscore the lack of national and global preparedness to deal with such a pandemic.

The Atlantic

The Coronavirus’s Next Move

If the coronavirus has one singular goal—repeatedly infecting us—it’s only gotten better at realizing it, from Alpha to Delta to Omicron. And it is nowhere near done.


If You've Never Had COVID, Should You Relax or Worry?

As those who have so far escaped the virus venture out into reopened environments, should they worry more or less about risk than people who were infected before them? Some experts weigh in with caution against feeling invincible.