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Inside America's latest efforts to curb gun violence

Since the start of the pandemic, gun deaths have reached record highs. In 2019, there were just over 15,000 gun fatalities. A year later, that number was more than 19,000, not including suicides. Meanwhile, in 2020, Americans bought 22.8 million guns, up 6 million from 2016.

The New York Times

How to Track Down Your Vaccine History

Even if your medical records are in a faraway basement gathering dust, there are things you can do to piece together your vaccine history.


Polio Is Back in the US and UK. Here’s How That Happened

Public health experts consider this an emergency, because polio paralysis cases represent the tip of an immunological iceberg: For every person paralyzed, at least several hundred more have likely carried asymptomatic infections, providing a refuge for the virus to replicate and transmit itself.


U.S. plan to stretch monkeypox vaccine supply runs into problems

The Biden administration’s plan to stretch supplies of monkeypox vaccine by giving people fractional doses of the product is running into problems, with some local health officials saying they are unable to extract the targeted number of doses from vials.