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The Baltimore Sun

A new COVID-19 foe, a really transmissible one, is emerging

It’s another frustrating turn in the long coronavirus pandemic, which experts say again calls for vigilance: wearing good-fitting, quality masks in higher-risk situations, distancing, seeking well-ventilated indoor spaces and obtaining every vaccine dose for which people are eligible.


I took a trip and caught COVID. What should I do? When can I go home?

Any traveler who has yet to go on a summer trip needs to keep in mind that the pandemic is still going on. Surges are happening across the U.S. and in popular tourist destinations like France, Italy, and Spain. That means your trip planning can't just focus on what to see and where to eat. You need to think about COVID prep, too. 

Meet the Press NOW

Guns in America

Shannon Frattaroli discusses the future of red flag laws in America. 
She is introduced at the 40:20 mark and featured at the 43:05 mark.


Verywell Health

Females Are More Likely to Have Long COVID. But We Need Data to Prove It

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers found that people who are biologically male are more likely to experience severe outcomes and death from COVID than people who are biologically female. However, the reasons for these differences, and how they work, are not yet fully understood.


Does Predictive Policing Technology Reduce Gun-Related Crime?

ShotSpotter is a predictive policing technology that can detect the location of a gunshot. Now it's being rapidly adopted by police departments across the U.S. to help curb gun-related violence and crime. The question, however, is how effective that technology is.