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ABC News

Debunking the idea viruses always evolve to become less virulent

As evidence mounts that the omicron variant is less deadly than prior COVID-19 strains, one oft-cited explanation is that viruses always evolve to become less virulent over time. The problem, experts say, is that this theory has been soundly debunked.

The 19th

What older people and caregivers need to know about omicron

While vaccines and boosters have allowed many people to move about more freely, seniors and the people who care for them have had to remain vigilant. What should seniors and caregivers, both disproportionately women, do differently? Do people need to scale back on activities like going grocery shopping or seeing friends? 

The Washington Post

Amid omicron surge, contact tracing is more complicated, officials say

The rapid increase of coronavirus cases in the Washington region has made the painstaking task of contact tracing more difficult, moving public health officials to prioritize whom to inform about potential exposure in a triage-like effort to keep the highly transmissible omicron variant from spreading even faster and further.