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Associated Press

American Medical Association weighs in

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun in order to get a license to carry one in public has no immediate impact on other laws, including rules on background checks and age requirements for gun purchases.


Should Your Kids Get Moderna or Pfizer?

As with their adult counterparts, the kids’ editions of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not identical. Here, we break down everything we know about the options, including some pros and cons you might want to consider if you have a choice of which kind of vaccine appointment to book.


Traffic Safety Ads Are Better at Making Puns Than Saving Lives

It’s hard to dispute the urgency of protecting American road users; traffic deaths are rising at the fastest rate on record, particularly in urban areas. On a per capita basis, walking, biking, or driving is significantly more dangerous in the United States than in other developed countries.

The New York Times

New Experimental Therapy for A.L.S. Approved in Canada

An experimental therapy for A.L.S., the paralyzing and fatal neurological disorder also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has been approved in Canada, adding a new treatment option for a disease for which there are few effective therapies. The FDA is currently reviewing the drug, and has raised questions about the treatment’s effectiveness.