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The Washington Post

The Case for Covid-19 Boosters Is as Shaky as Ever

Scientists are raising serious questions about the wisdom of the push for Covid-19 boosters unveiled on Wednesday by President Joe Biden. It’ll be hard to judge whether extra shots for the vaccinated will be helpful or counterproductive until more of the data behind the decision become available.

The Atlantic

The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It.

That future may be hard to imagine with intensive-care units filling up yet again during this Delta surge. But the pandemic will end. One way or another, it will end. The current spikes in cases and deaths are the result of a novel coronavirus meeting naive immune systems.


As Delta spreads, some travelers double up on COVID-19 vaccine in U.S.

A few countries are also beginning to offer a third booster dose to their citizens based on evidence that the initial protection from vaccines wanes over time, or that an extra shot may help prevent infection against Delta, particularly for older people or those with weak immune systems.

The Washington Post

Why and when you need a coronavirus test for travel

We started the summer full of optimism and enthusiasm thanks to the rollout of vaccines and the return of travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rolled back warnings on travel in the spring, so we planned vacations and reunited with loved ones. Everything was on the upswing — until it wasn’t.

The Atlantic

How the Pandemic Now Ends

Cases of COVID-19 are rising fast. Vaccine uptake has plateaued. The pandemic will end—but the way there is different now.