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Monkeypox Fatalities Reported as Cases Escalate

Four fatalities from the escalating global monkeypox outbreak have been confirmed since last week: two in Spain, one in India, and one in Brazil, according to public health authorities in those countries. Should U.S. clinicians start worrying? Not yet, according to public health experts.


There’s a Monkeypox Testing Bottleneck

Testing has since expanded to around 80,000 tests per week, after five large commercial laboratories partnered with the federal government to boost the nation’s testing efforts. But while the ability to run more tests has improved, there are still barriers that prevent people from accessing them.

Al Jazeera

Why is the racial gap in U.S. drug overdoses widening?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has found that that while fatal overdoses rose dramatically during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic across all racial demographics, overdose fatalities surged especially among Black and Native American individuals.

The Washington Post

School mask mandates return as latest coronavirus variants surge

Mask mandates are making a comeback at public schools in Louisville. They could return to Los Angeles, after a possible decision this week. And outside Atlanta, where classes start in a matter of days, they are required for school employees.


Monkeypox declared a global emergency: will it help contain the outbreak?

Over the weekend, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the monkeypox outbreak spreading globally is a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ (PHEIC). Researchers hope that the declaration — the agency’s highest alarm — might serve as a wake-up call for countries as they struggle to contain the spread of the virus that causes monkeypox.

USA Today

Despite West Virginia ruling, pharmaceuticals face consequences in opioid epidemic

To get more money to treatment centers like Lily's Place, Cabell County and its main city of Huntington decided to take the problem to the source: pharmaceutical companies that pushed millions of opioids into the county over the last decade. Now, a federal judge ruled on July 4 that the three major pharmaceutical companies were not liable, leaving one county at the center of the opioid epidemic in the dark without the critical resources it needs to save lives.