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The New York Times

Omicron and Holiday Travel: How to Strategize

Even as the variant surges, the seasonal travel rush seems unstoppable, but there are steps you can take to travel more responsibly and mitigate the health risks for yourself — and others.


Omicron rewrites the COVID plan for 2022

As the Omicron variant gains momentum in Europe and the United States, scientists are rewriting their expectations for the COVID-19 pandemic next year.
Amesh Adalja and David Dowdy are quoted. 

U.S. News & World Report

The Challenges Africa Poses to COVID-19 Vaccinations

Roughly 432 million vaccines have been dispersed across the African continent. Still, COVID-19 vaccination rates stand at 7.35% for the continent, with many countries hovering around 1%, according to the Africa Centers for Disease Control.