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Get to Know HBSSO

The Health, Behavior and Society Student Organization (HBSSO) is the student organization for the Department of Health, Behavior and Society. 


HBSSO represents student interests to the Department. It acts as a liaison between students and HBS leadership and cultivates student engagement across the Department. 


HBSSO serves a variety of functions, from organizing events to facilitating student mentorship programs to planning the use of the HBS student work room. The organization also coordinates student representation on HBS committees, offering the Department student perspectives on critical developments related to practice, research, and more. 


The leadership of HBSSO is made up of four co-chairs, with one representative from each HBS degree program. 

With the aim of serving and advocating for the needs of HBS students, the organization chairs coordinate the following events:

  • HBSSO Meetings (HBSSO chairs and committee members), once per academic term
  • General Meetings (student body), twice per academic year
  • Meet-the-Chair Event (HBS chair and student body), twice per academic year
  • Student Social/Development Events (student body), as requested

Current Leadership

The current HBSSO co-chairs are:


"I chose to be involved with HBSSO because I am passionate about representing the MSPH program and other HBS students and interacting with the Department's faculty in hopes to support the Department. I am excited to organize Department events, support fellow students, and create change within the Department with my fellow HBSSO co-chairs." - Sophia Jung, HBSSO co-chair

Headshot of Sophia Jung


For inquires or requests involving HBSSO, please contact