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A cross-divisional department spanning



Chair’s Office

Marsha Wills-Karp, PhD, MS, Professor and Chair
BSPH Room E7527A

Harihar Rajaram, PhD, Professor and Deputy Chair (WSE)

Gurumurthy Ramachandran, PhD, Professor and Deputy Chair (JHSPH)

Paul Locke DrPH, JD, Associate Professor
IDARE Working Group (Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism and Equity) 

Caroline Michuki, Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Chair
BSPH Room E7527

Academic Programs

Zoe Petersen, MA,  Senior Academic Program Coordinator (Masters)
Homewood, Ames Hall 313 and BSPH Room E7532
Teams phone: 443-927-3372

Natalie Van Horn, Senior Academic Program Coordinator (Undergraduates, PhDs)
BSPH Room E7039
Teams phone: 443-927-3497

Business and Finance Office

Alex Galea, Senior Administrator
BSPH Room E7523B
Homewood, Ames Hall 313
Teams phone: 443-927-8860

Tracy Russo (BSPH), Financial Manager
BSPH Room E7523
Teams phone: 443-927-3371

David Keifaber, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Homewood, Ames Hall 313
Teams phone: 443-927-8860

Cilicia Lawson, MA, Budget Analyst
BSPH Room E7031

Teams phone: 443-927-3494

Christopher Carter Polston, Executive Specialist
Homewood, Ames Hall 313
Teams phone: 443-927-3370 | Fax: 410-516-8996

Chichona Powell (BSPH), Budget Specialist
BSPH Room E7523

Lorraine Smith (BSPH), Senior Grants and Contract Analyst
BSPH Room E7516
Teams phone: 443-927-3498

Raisa Supan (BSPH), Senior Grants and Contract Analyst
BSPH Room E7534
Teams phone: 443-927-3495

Whiting School Labs

Makenson Deroly, Teaching Laboratories Coordinator
Room: Ames Hall 314A
Teams phone: 443-927-3373


Danielle Underferth, MA, Marketing & Communications Manager
Room: E7034
Teams phone: 443-927-3496

Nicole Hughes, MA, Marketing and Communications Associate
Room: E7032
Phone: 443-287-2905

East Baltimore Campus

Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe St.
Room E7527
Baltimore, MD 21205
Front desk: 410-955-2452
Fax: 410-955-0617

Homewood Campus

Whiting School of Engineering
3400 N. Charles St.
Ames Hall 313
Baltimore, MD 21218
Front desk: 410-516-7092  |  Fax: 410-516-8996
Finance office: 410-516-5143