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Using an outdoor testing arena in Zambia, researchers are hoping to use new discoveries about mosquitoes' attraction to human scent to develop malaria interventions.

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Johns Hopkins Researchers Identify Two Distinct Perspectives on Power Imbalances in the Field of Global Health

Connected to decolonizing health, there are current debates in global health concerning power imbalances between the global north and global south. In a series of three articles published in BMJ Global Health, PLOS Global Public Health, and Third World Quarterly, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health examined these debates with a focus on understanding differences in how the problems and solutions to redress the power imbalances are understood by different stakeholders.

International Health Faculty

Looking for prominent public health experts in the field of International Health? They’re here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.


David Peters
- Emeritus
International Health

David Peters, DrPH '93, MPH '89, MD, studies how to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries, particularly to better serve poor and vulnerable populations.

Melissa Marx
Assistant Professor
International Health

Melissa A. Marx, PhD ‘02, MPH ’98, evaluates maternal, child, and infectious disease programs, and has led response efforts for outbreaks including SARS, Ebola, and COVID-19.