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Human Rights Headlines

Explore the latest public health research and insights about human rights.

Junior doctors protesting violence against doctors in Delhi, Gauhati Medical College Hospital in Guwahati, Assam, India. December 29, 2021.

When Will India End Violence Against Health Workers?

When we think of countries with high rates of violence against health care workers, we often think of countries embroiled in conflict. But in India, over 130 health care workers were attacked in 2020 alone.

People protesting the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini and the government of Iran on October 2, 2022, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Woman. Life. Freedom: The Heartbeat for Human Rights in Iran

As the global diaspora gathers in peaceful protests over the inhumane death of 22-year-old Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, we’re at a historic juncture in determining whether women will gain or lose their voice—with women in Iran at the forefront, writes Nika Elmi, MSPH in this exclusive commentary for Global Health NOW.

Incarcerated and Pregnant in Post-Roe America

Access to abortion and other reproductive health care was already inconsistent in the U.S. carceral system. The Dobbs decision will make the situation even worse.

Human Rights Faculty

 Looking for prominent public health experts in the field of human rights? They’re here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Paul Spiegel
Professor of the Practice
International Health

Paul Spiegel, MPH ’96, MD, is recognized for his research on preventing and responding to complex humanitarian emergencies and director of the Center for Humanitarian Health.