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Volunteer Resources

Alumni and student volunteers make all the difference.

Volunteer Leaders Needed

In collaboration with the Bloomberg School Alumni Team, alumni and student volunteer leaders can develop and strengthen a professional network within the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health community based on geographic location or interest area and engage that network to impact public health around the world.

Tools for a Successful Network

Programming can be virtual, in-person, or hybrid.


Alumni Spotlight Series, panel, interview, faculty presentation

Encouraged to collaborate with School, University or non-affiliated organizations

Recommend 2 per year

Student Success

Pop-up mentoring, career panel, mentor meet-up, internships/practicums

In collaboration with JHSPH Offices, Departments and Programs

Recommend 2 per year

Professional Development

Public health communications, advocacy conversations, resume workshops

Working with other alumni Networks, Bloomberg School offices, Departments, and programs

Recommend 2 per year

Supplemental Engagement

Maintain network contact list, post news articles, new research, discussion questions, share event invitations

Use Microsoft Teams for easy communication

Recommend 2 touches per month

Learn More

Volunteer Toolkit

FAQs and other helpful tips for successful volunteer leaders.

Coming Soon!