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Past Events

Health Equity

Spotlight Series

Strategies for Baltimore City to Better Serve a Growing Latinx Community

Join Mónica Guerrero Vázquez, MPH '18, as she discusses opportunities for Baltimore to better support a growing Latinx community, including ensuring accurate Latinx representation in local research and providing health resources in multiple languages and delivered through multiple platforms.

Original air date: March 30, 2022

Spotlight Series

Rural Health Crisis: Bringing Providers and Care to Rural Alabama

Join us for a conversation with Roger Smalligan, MD, MPH, as he discusses a program through the University of Alabama at Birmingham-Huntsville that works to train doctors to serve rural areas of Alabama and increase access to care for rural residents.

Original air date: September 9, 2021

Spotlight Series

Creating Public Health Measures that Respect and Engage Communities

Public health measures and recommendations only work when they are adopted by communities and ingrained into every day life. How can public health measures be created to encourage behavioral change while respecting the culture and tradition of a specific ethnic or cultural group? Join us for a conversation on how leaders can build community trust and engagement by creating localized public health measures.

Original air date: August 26, 2021

Spotlight Series

Ethical Challenges in the COVID-19 Pandemic

This presentation will discuss some of the recent ethical issues in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the ethical challenges of vaccine prioritization and distribution, and issues related to emerging proposals for so-called “vaccine passports”.

Original air date: April 27, 2021

Spotlight Series

Your Role in Pursuing Health Equity

What does it mean to be devoted to tackling health disparities or promoting health equities? Why should we care and what is the role we all have to play? Health inequities can’t be limited to a public health problem, or an individual problem, rather, heath disparities are reinforced and recreated by every aspect of society both large and small. Join us for an engaging discussion that encourages the audience to consider where they fit in to the fight for health equity.  

Original air date: February 24, 2021