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Below are some of the ways a gift to the Bloomberg School can help. If you would like to designate your gift to a specific campaign, please learn more about designating your gift.

People, Education, and Training

Featured Story

An endowed scholarship honors a lifelong love affair with statistics.

From sharecropper’s daughter to biostatistician, Gertrude Huster, MHS ’84, seeks to honor those who helped her dream big—at a time when few women pursued STEM careers. 


Gertrude Huster suited up for a pre-flight check in front of a P3-C aircraft, circa 1979.

Budding statistician and naval flight crew trainee, Gertrude Huster, circa 1979. 

Science, Innovation, and Evidence

Featured Story

Ensuring a Diverse Pre-Clinical Research Program

Two friends addressed a mismatch between a researcher’s resources and the underrepresented patients he seeks to serve.

Faculty and students pose for photo in lab

Gathered in the Rebecca Lab, standing (L-R) E.V. McCollum Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ashani Weeraratna,  Kathy Koo and her son Nick, Bob Adler, Assistant Professor Vito Rebecca; kneeling in the front row,  advisees Bailey Robertson and Sumaiya Begum.

Advocacy, Community, and Practice

Featured Story

How South Korea’s Public Health System Rose from the Rubble of War

DrPH alumna Joung-Soon Kim helped lead the development of her country’s public health system, which ranks among the most efficient in the world

Dr. Kim's high school classmates and teacher in refugee camp in 1953 (Dr. Kim is not pictured)

Dr. Kim's high school classmates with their teacher in a Busan, Korean, camp in 1953 (Dr. Kim is not pictured)

Health Equity Scholars

By empowering them with funding, our HES students seek to address the root causes of health inequity.

Scholarship Power

Health Equity Scholars

From across the School's ten departments, these junior scientists, research trainees, and promising policy advocates and practitioners are using a social justice and health equity lens to dismantle racist structures that affect health outcomes.

2023 Health Equity Scholars luncheon

In September, the School welcomed a new cohort of Health Equity Scholars, including (l-r): Paulo Pontemayor, Rashida Callender, Mia Campbell, program director and professor Terri Powell, and Kyle Moon.

Microscopic cells of covid-19

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