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Your gift can help drive the Bloomberg School's mission by supporting our research, practice, and educational initiatives that save lives by the millions. Donors like you help us train tomorrow's public health leaders, enable faculty to make new ideas a reality, and energize research centers working to solve the toughest causes of death, injury, and disease.

Below are some of the ways a gift to the Bloomberg School can help. If you would like to designate your gift to a specific campaign, please learn more about designating your gift.

People, Education, and Training

Featured Story

Kao Fund Nurtures Scholars and Collaborators

Award provides early career support to young epidemiologists by helping them build their skills and networks.

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Linda Kao and Warren Goda on vacation

Linda Kao and Warren Goda on vacation

Science, Innovation, and Evidence

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State-of-the-Art Equipment Catalyzes Public Health Science

New instruments provide the Bloomberg School’s Becton Dickinson Immunology and Flow Cytometry Laboratory with powerful capacity to advance the study of immunology and the treatment of major human diseases.

Full group at BD celebration event in March 2022

Group gathered at event celebrating BD's gift of new equipment to Bloomberg School

Advocacy, Community, and Practice

Featured Story

How South Korea’s Public Health System Rose from the Rubble of War

DrPH alumna Joung-Soon Kim helped lead the development of her country’s public health system, which ranks among the most efficient in the world

Dr. Kim's high school classmates and teacher in refugee camp in 1953 (Dr. Kim is not pictured)

Dr. Kim's high school classmates with their teacher in a Busan, Korean, camp in 1953 (Dr. Kim is not pictured)

Microscopic cells of covid-19

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Your gift ensures that our world-class scientists and thought leaders can rapidly coordinate the response for emerging public health challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured Story

A Funder and the Pandemic Bring H.E.L.P. to a Global Audience

In early January 2020, as Gilbert Burnham and Mija-Tesse Ververs wrapped up the 34th bi-annual Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) course, they were growing more concerned about the COVID-19 news coming out of Wuhan, China.

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January 2021 HELP zoom call