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Explore the latest public health research and insights about drugs. 

Six adults dressed in business casual attire are seated in a row on stage with a large screen above their heads that says Expanding Methadone Access in Correctional Facilities.

Expanding Methadone Access in Correctional Facilities

On March 28, 2024, the Johns Hopkins Center for Mental Health and Addiction Policy and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy hosted a forum about new rules and federal initiatives expanding methadone access for persons who are incarcerated—part of a sweeping effort to preventfentanyl- and other opioid-related overdose deaths, reduce recidivism and increase equity post-incarceration.

Department of Health Policy and Management

Drugs Faculty Experts

 Looking for prominent public health experts in the field of drugs? They’re here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Joshua Sharfstein
Distinguished Professor of the Practice
Health Policy and Management

Joshua Sharfstein, MD, works to develop and promote public health strategies, healthcare payment approaches, and regulatory policies that advance health and equity.

Caleb Alexander

G. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS, is a practicing internist and epidemiologist focused on maximizing the use, safety, and effectiveness of prescription medicines.

Gerard Anderson
Health Policy and Management

Gerard Anderson, PhD, works with policymakers to control health care spending.

Assistant Professor
- Adjunct

Aditi Sen, PhD, MA, is a health economist working to design and implement payment and delivery systems that improve quality of and access to care for all Americans.