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Gerard Anderson, PhD, works with policymakers to control health care spending.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 302

Research Interests

  • International
  • Comparisons
  • Chronic Disease
  • Health
  • Spending
  • Medicare
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Pennsylvania

GERARD F. ANDERSON, PhD is a professor of health policy and management and professor of international health at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School Public Health, professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Hospital Finance and Management. His work encompasess studies of chronic conditions, comparative insurance systems in developing countries, medical education, health care payment reform, and technology diffusion.

He has directed reviews of health systems for the World Bank and USAID in multiple countries. He has authored two books on health care payment policy, published over 250 peer reviewed articles, testified in Congress over 40 times as an individual witness, and serves on multiple editorial committees.

Prior to his arrival at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Anderson held various positions in the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he helped to develop Medicare prospective payment legislation.

Honors & Awards

Phi Beta Kappa, Haverford College, 1973

Magna Cum Laude, Haverford College, 1973

High Honors in Economics, Haverford College, 1973

University Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1974-1977

Fellow of the Fels Center of Government, University of Pennsylvania, 1974-1977

National Health Care Management Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1977-1978

Delta Omega Honor Society in Public Health, 1990

Who's Who, 1989 - present

500 Health Policy Leaders - Washington Medicine and Health, 1991 - present

Co-author - Article of Year, Association of Health Services Research, 1995

AHSR Fellow - Association for Health Services Research, 1996 - present

Select Publications
  • Anderson, Gerard F., Amber Willink, and Robin Osborn. "Reevaluating “Made in America”—Two Cost-Containment Ideas from Abroad." New England Journal of Medicine 368.24 (2013): 2247-2249.
  • Berkowitz, Scott A., and Gerard F. Anderson. "Medicare beneficiaries most likely to be readmitted." Journal of Hospital Medicine 8.11 (2013): 639-641.
  • Ikegami, Naoki, and Gerard F. Anderson. "In Japan, all-payer rate setting under tight government control has proved to be an effective approach to containing costs." Health Affairs 31.5 (2012): 1049-1056.
  • Robles, Sylvia, Emily Adrion, and Gerard F. Anderson. "Premature adult mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCD) in three middle-income countries: do NCD programmes matter?." Health policy and planning 27.6 (2012): 487-498.
  • Hossein, Zare, and Anderson Gerard. "Trends in cost sharing among selected high income countries—2000–2010." Health Policy 112.1 (2013): 35-44.
Cost and Prevalence of Chronic Conditions and Injuries in Eastern Europe
Global Health Activities in Developing Countries to Combat Non-Communicable Chronic Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases (CVPD)- Center of Excellance