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Doctoral Student Support

Doctoral funding is mission critical

Doctoral students are critical to the School’s creation of knowledge. They help drive the teaching and research productivity of the entire faculty. To maintain the School's core mission, we must continue to attract sufficient numbers of high quality applicants and enroll them as doctoral students who will in turn commit themselves to protecting health and saving livesmillions at a time.


We seek the highest caliber candidates. Without full funding, they can and will go elsewhere. The Bloomberg School has set an ambitious goal to remove all financial obstacles for every incoming doctoral student by covering tuition, stipend and health insurance for four years. This ensures that they are free to teach our exceptional students and perform the innovative research that drives public health progress. The benefits of this support will be spread across every field and department in the School. 


Your contribution will help us support every doctoral student’s work.

Stable endowment funding for scholarships will enable our budding researchers to tackle highly complex fields and test unconventional ideas, while advancing public health knowledge and practice.

Impact Stories

Quality Over Speed Wins the PhD Race

Youssef Farag, PhD '18, MPH '13, prioritized quality over speed in completing his PhD, focusing on academic and service opportunities, which set him up for an amazing career.