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Addressing the root causes of health inequality

Health Equity Scholars Program

We support junior scientists, practitioners, and policy advocates who are focused on health equity and social justice research.

HES Doctoral Programs

The Health Equity Scholars doctoral program enrolls both PhD and DrPH students with an MPH or equivalent degree. 

  • The DrPH program prepares students for leadership, policymaking, program management, and professional communication roles with an emphasis on improving health equity in population health. 
  • The PhD program prepares candidates who seek to focus on a specific research question within a discipline using a health equity lens. 
Three Health Equity Scholars hold a copy of the book The Black Butterfly

In February 2024, Mia Campbell, Aja Clarke, and Rashida Callender met with other Health Equity Scholars to discuss the book "The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America."