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Our faculty are world-renowned experts, and trusted advisers to our students, public health leaders, and the public.

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Joseph Ali
Associate Professor
International Health

Joseph Ali, JD, studies how to conduct global public health research and practice that maximally respects ethical values in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

Lauren Allen
Assistant Scientist
Health Policy and Management

Lauren Allen, DrPH ’21, specializes in clinical research administration in the domains of policy setting and implementation, management of multi-institutional research, and knowledge dissemination.

Sean Allen
Assistant Professor
Health, Behavior and Society

Sean Allen, DrPH, MPH, uses research to inform drug policies and eliminate health disparities among people who inject drugs.

Keri Althoff
Associate Professor

Keri N Althoff, PhD '08, MPH '05, uses large-scale longitudinal data to answer otherwise unanswerable questions and improve health, particularly for populations underrepresented in research.

Gerard Anderson
Health Policy and Management

Gerard Anderson, PhD, works with policymakers to control health care spending.

Sonia Angell
Distinguished Professor of the Practice

Sonia Angell, MD, MPH, works on research, policies, and programs that make places where we live, work, and play healthier for all of us.

Philip Anglewicz
Associate Professor
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Philip Anglewicz, PhD, MA, studies demographic change in Sub-Saharan Africa, looking at topics like contraceptive use dynamics, internal migration, aging, and the response to infectious disease.

Mary Argo
Research Associate

Mary Joy Argo ensures the high quality of Biostatistics graduate programs and the quality of the student experience.