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Our faculty are world-renowned experts, and trusted advisers to our students, public health leaders, and the public.

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Assistant Scientist
International Health

Kaitlyn Atkins, PhD '22, MPH, is a social epidemiologist with a focus on community-engaged, mixed-methods research that optimizes the sexual and mental health of multiple marginalized populations.

Research Associate
Environmental Health and Engineering

Matthew Aubourg, MSPH '23, uses scientific and technical expertise to address community-identified environmental health and justice concerns in rural and urban communities.

Marycatherine Augustyn
Assistant Scientist
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Marycatherine Augustyn, PhD ‘91, focuses on Maternal and Child Health research and programming between academic and public agencies, and training public health professionals.

Stella Babalola
Health, Behavior and Society

Stella Babalola, PhD, uses research to support the design and evaluation of social and behavior change interventions.

Abdulgafoor Bachani
Associate Professor
International Health

Abdulgafoor M. Bachani, PhD '11, MHS '08, studies how to address burden of and preventing injury and disabilities, and to expand access to rehabilitation services.

Scott Bailey
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Scott Bailey, PhD, explores the structure and function of the molecular mechanisms that cells use to interact with and modify DNA and RNA, focusing on CRISPR systems.

Research Associate
International Health

Sarah Baker, MSPH '15, studies nutrition status of mothers and their babies through laboratory assessment of biological fluids

Jeromie Ballreich
Associate Research Professor
Health Policy and Management

Jeromie Ballreich, PhD '17, MHS '12, is a health economist who focuses on leading research in areas of pharmaceutical policy and economic evaluations.

Sachini Bandara
Assistant Professor
Mental Health

Sachini Bandara, PhD ’18, MS, studies how public health policies can improve wellbeing for people who use drugs, have mental illness, or are involved in the carceral system.

Karen Bandeen-Roche

Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD, MS, creates statistical reasoning needed to learn how we can lengthen healthy life and increase independence for older adults.