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Writing Center

We offer free writing consultation services to students.

Welcome to the Writing Center

The Writing Center offers Bloomberg School students enrolled in degree programs free, individual sessions on their writing with experienced tutors.

Writing Center tutors work with students on a range of scholarly writing assignments at any stage of the writing process. We can help you clarify your essay’s focus, develop a thesis, structure your argument, produce clear transitions, integrate sources, revise a draft, and develop editing techniques. 

The Writing Center’s goal is to help students develop their own writing abilities and to become skilled readers of their own prose. We aim to provide student writers with resources, knowledge, and support to help produce and maintain good writing practices that they can continue to build throughout their professional careers.

Who We Serve

The Writing Center serves students currently enrolled in degree programs at the Bloomberg School.

What We Do

Our appointments are intended to help students at any stage of the writing process with academic writing such as capstones or theses, scientific papers, or personal statements for applications to jobs or other programs. You may be trying to brainstorm ideas for an assignment or you may be in the final stages of writing. We are also able to help you become a better editor of your own writing. You can let us know what you would like to work on when you schedule your appointment.

We welcome students of all levels of language and writing experience. Tutoring appointments are meant to assist with style, composition, and conveying thoughts; they are not meant to be primarily for English language, spelling and grammar assistance. For English language assistance, please consider taking the English Language for Academic Purposes Course. 

Writing Center Quick Facts

The Writing Center works on:

  • Research papers
  • Master's theses and capstones 
  • Doctoral dissertations 
  • Personal statements for job and other applications
  • Scientific reports 
  • Class assignments that require formal prose summary, explanation, analysis, interpretation, or argument 

At this time, the Writing Center is not able to assist with:

  • Line-by-line or direct editing of your work
  • Resumes, CVs, or application cover letters 
  • Visual or multimedia works 
  • Technical writing, documentation, or software 
  • Test preparation (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) 

Schedule An Appointment (Select "BSPH Summer 2024")

Our experienced tutors offer free conferences to all students enrolled in degree programs at the Bloomberg School.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?
Make an account and select an open slot (white box) on the Writing Center scheduling website (select "BSPH Summer 2024" for the correct calendar).

Who will I be working with? 
Please review our Meet Our Tutors page to see all our Peer Tutors. Tutors have certain specialties, but any tutor would be happy to work with you on any assignment. To avoid a potential conflict of interest, please do not select a tutor who is also the TA for one of your current courses.

When is the Writing Center open?  
Appointments with tutors are available between 9am – 9pm Eastern time Sunday through Thursday. Check the Writing Center scheduling website to see when the next appointment is available (select "BSPH Summer 2024" for the correct calendar).

Do you take walk-ins?
No, appointments must be made in advance using the Writing Center scheduling website.

Do tutors work with multiple students at once? 
Typical tutoring sessions are one-on-one, however, if students are working on a group paper, they may come to a session together.  

Can I bring in writing that is unrelated to my coursework?
Yes, tutors will work on any original academic or non-academic writing. While we often work on papers, articles, theses manuscripts, and other forms of formal writing, we will happily work on other writing such as speeches, presentations, IRB applications, scripts, op-eds, etc. 

What happens if I can no longer make my appointment?
Please log into your WC Online account to cancel your appointment. Official appointment policies can be found on the Schedule an Appointment page.

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The Bloomberg School Writing Center

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Note: Summer 2024 appointments are online only