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Information for Preceptors

Preceptor Responsibilities

During the practicum experience, the student is supervised by the site preceptor and the School to develop and define the practicum experience activities, learning objectives, and final deliverables.

A qualified preceptor must be willing to commit time to supervising a student and providing feedback on student’s work. The preceptor should have knowledge of the student project in order to guide the student throughout the process. A preceptor who is not a faculty member of the Bloomberg School must submit a resume or CV to the Office of Public Health Practice and Training at

Preceptor responsibilities:

  • Develop and agree to facilitate the practicum experience
  • Identify a student for the project; once selected, assist the student with their Practicum Learning Plan, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the student, preceptor, and the School, as well as the practicum project description, specific goals and objectives, deliverables, and proposed timeline
  • If student will be on-site, provide adequate working space, materials, and onboarding (e.g. desk, ID badge, data access) 
  • Review the organization’s policies, mission, and goals with the student and provide any necessary background information and materials
  • Inform your organization’s leadership about the practicum, and identify an alternate preceptor
  • Meet with the student regularly to provide necessary guidance and supervision, as well as establish and maintain project goals, objectives and timeline, and track student's hours and progress on deliverables
  • Identify other experiences, outside of the practicum, that will expose the student to the “flavor” of working at the practicum site (e.g. staff meetings, conference calls, etc.) if possible
  • Complete evaluations of the student (the School will contact you when it is time to complete these forms):
  • Communicate any issues or concerns to our office throughout the practicum